Logo Love is Blind - Blind for love
Logo Love is Blind - Blind for love


Thanks to involvement by the Venice branch of the Italian Union of the Blind and Partially Sighted the exhibition may be experienced blindfolded while guided by the blind or partially sighted, who will help visitors to read the artworks through touch, and to recognise their contents. These visitors can then retrace their steps, without the blindfold, to explore perception of art through multi-sensorial stimuli.


The 30 of July is a special event : it is the birthday of our official guide Barbara. Happy birthday Barbara Golfetto!!

Tribute to Barbara Golfetto, the official guide to the exhibition

foto di Barbara Golfetto con Caroline Lépinay-Roullet

Barbara is a gift from the heavens! She has such energy, such patience and a huge capacity for empathy.
Barbara and I have established a sort of ritual. This begins with meeting the visitor, because curiosity and trust are essential in putting on a blindfold and allowing yourself to be guided by a blind person.
Then we set off on the camminata, a slow, almost gliding, walk like a dance step where the hands play a vital role: some hands guide while the others let themselves be guided, caressing the artworks the way a person caresses still unfamiliar skin, perhaps even with feverish desire.
Sometimes Barbara dances with visitors. Once sight is restored, we move away from the display and leave them in the intimacy of their emotions. The journey is over. Then we start moving again, side by side, in solemn silence, while Pavarotti's voice still resounds on the notes of the Gladiator.
It is only after drawing a long deep breath that we share in the rich and unique emotions of each visitor.

Caroline Lépinay-Roullet