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Born in Geneva in 1966 of German parents, he grew up close to the metal construction company founded by his father and quickly became impregnated with achievements in the field of construction. Fascinated by precision, he trained as a tool mechanic and then graduated as a mechanical technician at the age of 20.

After a tour of the world in 1993, he joined the family business alongside his father and brother, and now shares the management.

Thanks to his skills in mechanics and metal construction, he collaborates with leading architects such as Pierre Bouvier, designers and graphic designers.

His meeting with Roger Pfund in 1996 led him to the design and realization of the prototype of a monumental water clock (clepsydra).

In 2015, he assists René Broissand, great French sculptor, in the creation of artistic creations, notably the monumental work inaugurated in November 2016 on the open square of the station of Annecy. Thus, blossoming in creation for more than 20 years, he feels at the same time his own need to express himself through sculpture.

His first series of artworks entitled "Inner Being" are the result of personal work and reflection. A way of life translated by polished mirror cubes crossed or embraced by steel elements. Glass rocks, concrete iron, also give shape to new series of works. But it is for her stainless-steel spheres that Caroline calls on the artist; she sees in it a representation of her Eye of the soul. Fred is thrilled with the prospect of creating from The story of Agape. Their first meeting is simply a human and artistic thunderbolt. Ideas fuse and an artistic collaboration is born in exchange, sharing and simplicity.

Fred Berthold presents at the Palazzo Tiepolo Passi six works including three co-directed and created by Caroline Lépinay: The promise of the infinite, The garden of souls, and The perfumes that I don't know.



Glyptic or the art of engraving and sculpting hard stones is a work of direct carving that Philippe Nicolas has always practiced.

It has been listed in the National Intangible Cultural Heritage Inventory since 2008.

After studying at the Ecole Boulle and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Philippe Nicolas received the award from the Fondation de France Salavin-Fournier whose endowment allowed him to buy his tools and start his career. In 2004, he opened his first workshop at Ivry sur Seine. In 2008, he was appointed Master of Art. It settles in the heart of Paris, near the Place Vendôme, and includes among its guests' great names of jewellery.

In 2010, the President of Cartier International proposed to the Master of Art to find a studio within the Maison Cartier with the aim of transmitting and perpetuating his know-how. Today, Philippe Nicolas works with several students as Master of Art. Together, in the Cartier Creation Studio of the Department of Heritage and Style, they produce unique pieces for high jewellery.

In 2016, Philippe Nicolas received the distinction of Knight of Arts and Letters.

He is invited in 2018 to present his work in Venice at the request of the Michelangelo Foundation, on the occasion of the exhibition Homo Faber on crafts.

For Philippe, engraving or sculpting is an art of living, a passion. He is always searching for sleeping stones since the dawn of time that have survived us and will survive us for eternity. They are for him the source of his inspiration. As Roger Caillois so well wrote, "They feed his imaginary world".

His meeting with the artist, Caroline Lépinay, is a stroke of heart, a passion shared around stones and the work of matter. Inspired by the poetic and philosophical story of Agape, which evokes, in particular, vain vanity in front of the passing time and the remaining stones, he chose to make a gold leaf engraving on an old torrent stone and inspired the artist on the period 8 of her realization.